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If you need to return something because clothes don’t fit, or you simply don’t like what you’ve got, make sure all the tags are on, and the item is exactly as you received it. You need to get it back to us within 7 days from the delivery date.


Please follow the below process for returning your item to us:

  1. Re-pack the item in its original packaging with labels and tags still attached.

  2. Securely attach the original delivery label to your item.


In order to cancel your contract within the Cancellation Period, please notify us using our contacts. If you are contracting as a consumer in EGYPT and cancel your order within the cancellation period you will receive a full refund of the price paid for the Products within 30 days ("the Refund Period"). The Refund Period starts After 5 days from we receive the order from you.


Please note: if your order has already been processed, we may not be able to stop the items from being sent to you so you will still need to return all the product(s) that were purchased on your order. You must take reasonable care of the products that you wish to cancel and not use or wear them.

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